March 21, 2019

How The Media Portrays Escorts

When I say that “media surely glorify and hypersexualizes escorts in a significant way”, you know I am stating facts. Most people tend to gloss over the fact that they are a human being like you and me, one who has just opted to spend his/her time in helping lonely, sexually frustrated people and giving them a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. The media tends to ignore that fact that they are ordinary people but made them out to be some sort of a sex object. They also ignore the matter of it being a choice, only in sporadic cases are escorts forced to do what they do. For most of them, it’s a lifestyle choice, one that they are happy to live out.

Since they get to dress fancy, wear cute shoes and earn a lot of money in the process of having fun, most escorts see it as a win-win scenario. Movies and TV shows represent them as sexual commodities, while also ironically passing a moral judgment on them stating that they are sinful and impure. They even ignore the poor 14-year-old Thai girl that is trafficked but fixate on portraying the very attractive 25-year-old white blonde. Here is an example of what I was talking about:

In the “Hangover” movie series escorts or depicted somewhat realistically. In the first movie, we see the main four cast members accidentally consume some ill-advised ‘roofies,’ which is also commonly known as the ‘date-rape’ drug. After that, they go on a manic drunk and high rampage all around the sin city of Las Vegas and finally get back to their hotel. Finally, when they wake up, they find a tiger in their bathroom, but more interestingly they find out that one of them, ‘Stuart’ the mellow dentist is married to an escort, and none of them remember how or when it happened.

The escort, ‘jade’ reveals that she’s also a stripper and that technically she was an escort, she strips since it was a great way to meet her clients. She has a baby, and the father of the baby is not in the picture. She strips, and also works as an escort to provide for her infant son and herself.

So here we can see that she is doing what she does for the good of her family, which is the case with most of the escorts who work in that line work. A couple of years down the line in the 3rd movie of the same series you see that she is 43 years old, retired from stripping and escorting and has married a doctor and is expecting another baby. You also see ‘Leslie Chow,’ another recurring character. He would have hired the highest costing escorts, yes multiple escorts to be in his penthouse suite, yes sometimes escorts will have to do things they don’t like, demeaning things, but they know that’s the life they are getting into.

Even though they have depicted a happy ending for ‘Jade,’ that’s not the case at all for a majority of them. If they don’t attain financial stability by the time they lose their physical attractiveness and energy, they will have a tough time gaining employment anywhere because generally, people tend to look down on women and men who worked in that profession. This is very unfair in my opinion. What they do in their private time should be none of other peoples businesses, who they are and what they can offer when they are looking for a regular job is what should count.

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